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How to Refinishing Wood Furniture

By just looking at your furniture, it is easy for you to tell whether it require refinishing or not. You are going to realize noticeable rings and watermarks on furniture. The surface of the furniture will also feel sticky once you have cleaned it. Other signs include flaking and cracking on the wood. Once you are justified that it requires refinishing, here are steps that you should take.

The first step involves cleaning the piece of furniture. This is the most crucial step, especially when your furniture has been kept outside for a long time. Another importance of cleaning is to help you determine what kind of wood it is; sometimes, when it is covered by dirt, it is a big challenge for you to identify what it is. Do not complicate the cleaning process by using a dry cleaner. Instead, you online need soap and lukewarm water. Just make a gentile scrubbing, and then you rinse with the lukewarm water later. For more facts about furniture, visit this website at

Immediately cleaning process is over; the next step is assessment. You need to scrutinize the current state of the furniture. If the wood has been in use for a long time, the chances are high that you are going to realize things like cracks, dents, dents, stains, and many more indications of damages. Assessment is an essential step as it will guide you on the kind of refinishing that you are going to do. Be sure to click for more info!

You need to remove the old finish that is one of the kinds of wood. The older finish can be removed in two methods. First, you need to use sandpaper to make the surface smooth. You should ensure that the sanding is done uniformly. In the market, there are also chemical products that are designed to help you to remove the older finishing without any effort. However, when you are using the chemicals, ensure that you strictly follow the manufacture’s guidelines regarding the usage of the chemical products.

Prepare your wood for the painting process. Apply a sealant, and once it is dry, the next step is painting. Painting of different types and you will choose one depending on your preference. The final step is to apply a finish. On the market, the main type of finishes, including the wipe-on varnish, polyurethane varnishes, and the oil finishes. Every of the finish has its coons and pros. You should consider hiring a reputable wood furniture refinishing company that is going to have done the job done quickly. Such a company has the skills that are going to ensure that you get the best fine singing on your wood. Start now!

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